Lauren & David | Charlotte NC Wedding Photographer

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It was a perfect December wedding!!!!  Lauren and David’s wedding was absolutely beautiful!!! Below are SOME of the images from their special day! Check out this sweet paragraph that the groom wrote on their wedding page about how they met. =)   Thank you David and Lauren for allowing me to capture your Wedding Day!!!

“Who would have ever thought that a girl from southern California and a guy from the heart of Amish country in Ohio would end up together? Not me, that’s for sure. When we ended up on “bro-sis” floors for our freshman year at Wheaton College (meaning our floors were forced into awkward social gatherings), Lauren and I became friends. I always thought she was really cute but definitely way out of my league. After missing what I’m told were some fairly obvious flirting gestures throughout the second half of our freshman year, I finally worked up the guts to ask her out at the beginning of our sophomore year. Three years later (not to mention many delicious restaurants discovered, a lot of learning about each other achieved, and a not-to-be-mentioned break-up month endured), and we’ll be married! We’re so glad you’ve been part of our relationship, and we’re looking forward to partying with you!”

Re Spa and Med Spa – hair and make-up

Belk Chapel– Ceremony

Myers park Country Club– Reception

Erin Drago Photography– One amazing 2nd shooter =)

Grain and Compass Videograghy– Check them out!

“I have found the one whom my soul loves…”  Song of Solomon 3:4

   Adams Wedding 1 014Adams Wedding 1 050Adams Wedding 1 175Adams Wedding 1 070Adams Wedding 1 094Adams Wedding 1 258Adams Wedding 1 005          IMG_1931Adams Wedding 1 198Adams Wedding 1 207Adams Wedding 1 267Adams Wedding 1 277IMG_1782Adams Wedding 1 328Adams Wedding 1 382Adams Wedding 1 320Adams Wedding 1 352Adams Wedding 1 372  Adams Wedding 1 436Adams Wedding 1 424   Adams Wedding 1 485Adams Wedding 1 456Adams Wedding 1 483  IMG_2056  IMG_2139IMG_1983IMG_2015IMG_2074


IMG_0047   Adams Wedding 1 548 Adams Wedding 1 549 Adams Wedding 1 558Adams Wedding 1 689 Adams Wedding 1 744IMG_1731Adams Wedding 1 621Adams Wedding 1 589Adams Wedding 1 612 Adams Wedding 1 1070     Adams Wedding 1 986Adams Wedding 1 917Adams Wedding 1 864Adams Wedding 1 914

Adams Wedding 1 826Adams Wedding 1 967Adams Wedding 1 945Adams Wedding 1 1121   IMG_3120Adams Wedding 1 1161Adams Wedding 1 1167 IMG_3185 IMG_3202 IMG_3219

IMG_3296Adams Wedding 2 092aab

             IMG_3328IMG_3447IMG_3656IMG_3513IMG_3553Adams Wedding 2 220IMG_3365IMG_3615Adams Wedding 2 160Adams Wedding 2 152Adams Wedding 2 171Adams Wedding 2 297IMG_3353IMG_3794Adams Wedding 2 233Adams Wedding 2 248IMG_4243Adams Wedding 2 496Adams Wedding 2 808IMG_4280IMG_3930 IMG_3846IMG_3729   IMG_4375IMG_4153IMG_4307Adams Wedding 2 834

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