Abbi ~ Fun at Papa and Nana’s House | Raleigh NC Children’s Photographer

Taking pictures of my babies was the very reason why I purchased my first “professional” camera! =)  As our photography business flourished from this I always said, “If I ever get too busy to take pictures of my own children I am ready to stop taking pictures all together!”  My camera is always nearby so I can take pictures of the ever changing seasons… pictures of them playing games, doing school, eating breakfast, doing a cartwheel for the first time etc.  I tuck these pictures away in a folder and look forward to pulling them out as they get older and remembering the sweet memories!!!

My Abbi always comes to photo sessions with me and a few months back she asked if she could have a personal photo session with me.  Well, one of her her favorite spots is Papa and Nana’s backyard… which has a creek, woods, swings, and a big tunnel!!!!  While playing in the back we decided to drop everything and do a quick session together!  We had a blast!  I love this girl so much and cannot believe my baby will be 11 this summer!!!! =)

IMG_9229IMG_9316IMG_9217aIMG_9184IMG_9239IMG_9338 IMG_9341 IMG_9344 IMG_9368 IMG_9370 IMG_9389 IMG_9392  IMG_9468 IMG_9491IMG_9421

I think Abbi has an eye for taking pictures!  I love the image she took below~! =)


3 thoughts on “Abbi ~ Fun at Papa and Nana’s House | Raleigh NC Children’s Photographer

  1. These pics are just amazing….and of course, the subject is absolutely awesome. I am so happy you did these in our backyard…God has blessed us beyond anything we could have imagined. Kelli, you did a great job taking these pics of our Abbi…cannot believe she is growing up so quickly.

  2. Oh it happened again! I started reading and looking at these and had to stop because I was crying too hard! Oh how we love this sweet girl! Abbi, you are a beauty — inside and out! Love you!!!!!

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