Sweet Baby Emily | Greenville SC Newborn Photographer

I want to take a minute out of this post to announce that we are no longer offering newborn in-studio sessions.  Client in home sessions have become dear to me and I am pretty excited about this.  I will ONLY be taking on a limited number of these per year. When this sweet family asked me to take pictures of their newborn I offered an in home session and the mom said… “YES! It’s great that we can do the session at home so we don’t have to go with her somewhere else !!!”  She sent me some ideas of pictures she had seen and would like to try and capture.  All I brought to her home was a bread bowl =) with some blankets and headbands in it….very easy to transport!!  My goal was to take pictures of Emily in her first home with Mommy and Daddy and towards the end hopefully take some outdoor shots, if the weather permitted, as well as some artistic shots the mom requested.  For me it was the perfect mix of “baby art” with just a touch of lifestyle.  I must say I do love both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I look forward to more sessions similar to this one.  =)

I have so enjoyed getting to know this wonderful family!!!! You can also view their maternity session we did just 1 week before Emily arrived…. Baby E is Coming Soon.   =)

Check out what Abbi and I saw right when we walked into their home.  Such sweetness!!!!

IMG_1564 IMG_1542IMG_1527-2  IMG_1666 IMG_1718 IMG_1732IMG_1627  IMG_1782IMG_1771 IMG_1779IMG_1798 IMG_1863IMG_1788 IMG_1892 IMG_1933 IMG_1936 IMG_1987IMG_2087  IMG_2125 IMG_2151 IMG_2221 IMG_2227 IMG_2261 IMG_2178IMG_2293

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