John & Kristen | Their Wedding Story | Greenville SC Wedding Photographer

It was the perfect wedding! =) We started the day at the “birdhouse”.  This is where Kristen, the bride, and her friends live and where they have spent many hours “perched” on the porches together!  So many memories were made in this home.  The love these girls have for one another made my day so enjoyable.  Both the bride and groom graduated from Clemson University (you can read more of their story here…(John & Kristen’s Engagement Session). They have some pretty amazing friends too!  The wedding party was a blast!!!  Check out how the bridesmaids did the “Bridesmaids” pose and then the boys tried it too! =) Oh, and I loved how the wedding party had fun as they were introduced into the reception!=)  These guys can dance!!!!  And as you can tell they kinda like Clemson!!!! =)  Enjoy!

Ceremony – Grace Church

Reception – Augusta Manor

A special thanks to my wonderful second shooter Jennifer Grimsley!!!! =)  The wedding coordinator was pretty awesome too. 😉


IMG_0670IMG_0842IMG_0656IMG_0946 IMG_0743  IMG_0789IMG_0763web IMG_0840 IMG_0880 IMG_0909 IMG_0910 IMG_0993 IMG_0998 IMG_1061IMG_1141 IMG_1156    IMG_1309IMG_1179IMG_1213IMG_1242  IMG_4717IMG_4681IMG_4708 IMG_4793 IMG_4797 IMG_4827 IMG_4830IMG_1322 IMG_1330 IMG_1481 IMG_1348 IMG_1356 IMG_1372IMG_0857 IMG_1377 IMG_1386 IMG_1395 IMG_1436 IMG_1454 IMG_1491IMG_1500IMG_1522 IMG_1528 IMG_1541 IMG_1543 IMG_1545IMG_1654-3 IMG_1686 IMG_1689    IMG_1754IMG_1717IMG_1811 IMG_1774 IMG_1782 IMG_1786 IMG_1823IMG_5166IMG_1046 IMG_5114 IMG_5142 IMG_5155 IMG_1928 IMG_1972IMG_1857IMG_1918 (28) IMG_2117 IMG_2134IMG_5317 IMG_5332 IMG_2212 IMG_2216 IMG_2235 IMG_2252IMG_2256 IMG_2274IMG_5406 IMG_5468 IMG_2321IMG_2356IMG_1885 IMG_2374 IMG_2384 IMG_2393 IMG_2408IMG_2436IMG_5583IMG_2438 (9) IMG_2438 (8) IMG_2438 (3)IMG_1699 IMG_2484 IMG_2495 IMG_2501IMG_2446 IMG_2453 IMG_2510 IMG_2545 IMG_2548IMG_2572a IMG_2602 IMG_2618 IMG_2634 IMG_2640IMG_5665 IMG_2664 IMG_2672 IMG_2814IMG_5710 IMG_5827 IMG_5840IMG_3045 IMG_2820 IMG_2963 IMG_3057 IMG_3097 IMG_3122IMG_3254 IMG_3268 IMG_3211 IMG_3238IMG_6248 (4) IMG_3304 IMG_3325

4 thoughts on “John & Kristen | Their Wedding Story | Greenville SC Wedding Photographer

  1. What a FUN wedding party….and the color picture of her standing in the big window, the one with her back to you, it ABSOLUTELY TOOK MY BREATH AWAY AND GAVE ME CHILLS!!! Great job Kelli!!!!

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