Hope & Stephen’s Wedding Day Story | Summerfield NC Wedding Photographer

I remember Hope, the beautiful bride below,  when she was 6 years old asking me if she could please hold my newborn baby boy!  Well, my first born is now almost 19 and Hope is a married woman.  Time truly does fly by!!!

I was so excited when she contacted me to ask if I would photograph her wedding day!  It has been so much fun to work with Stephen and Hope.  Their love for each other and for their friends and family was so evident to me as I witnessed this special day in their lives.

Their wedding day started and ended at Garden of Gray Gables.  This venue is absolutely perfect for an outdoor wedding and it has a great tent if it does rain.  Thankfully their wedding day was sunny and beautiful!  Hope was one of the most joyful brides I have seen.  She was relaxed and truly took in every second of her day.  Their wedding party was an absolute blast to be around also!!!!  What a great group of friends!  Their ceremony was so special; Hope’s Dad and a dear family friend officiated the ceremony.  Making for some pretty emotional moments! =)

It was so difficult not to post every single image. I LOVE telling the entire story of their day.  So…here is a BIG sneak peek into their BIG day! =)

Oh, before we get started here are some “shout outs” to some awesome venues and individuals who helped to make this day extra special.

Wedding Coordinators: Jessica Grennell ~ J. Michael Weddings and Mitzi Melton
Caterer: Phyllis Jones
Cake: Brenda Jones
Grain & Compass Videography : check these guys out.  they are awesome and wonderful to work with.

A special thank you to my 2 awesome second shooters who captured some amazing shots: Bekah Maka of Bekah Grace Photography and Mary Catherine Ramey

IMG_4445 IMG_4522

IMG_0063  IMG_4410IMG_4192  IMG_4521 IMG_4477IMG_0018 IMG_4458IMG_4455 IMG_4649 IMG_4538 IMG_4544 IMG_4557IMG_4668  IMG_4736IMG_4814IMG_4566IMG_6113IMG_0250  IMG_5228IMG_0303IMG_5234IMG_4305 (3) IMG_4305 (2)IMG_4245IMG_4864IMG_4927IMG_4994   IMG_5098   IMG_5010IMG_5096IMG_0724IMG_5023IMG_4980 IMG_4970IMG_5099IMG_5207 (2)IMG_5120IMG_5138   IMG_5294   IMG_5350IMG_5248IMG_5254IMG_5271IMG_5295IMG_5345IMG_4923IMG_5447IMG_0365 IMG_5479IMG_5418 IMG_5544 IMG_5567IMG_4322 (2) IMG_5582 IMG_5625 IMG_0436IMG_5664 IMG_5646 IMG_5717 IMG_5723 IMG_5729 IMG_5732 IMG_5758 IMG_5765 IMG_5777 IMG_5783 IMG_5795IMG_0473 IMG_5828IMG_0521 IMG_6035IMG_5981IMG_5955 IMG_5887Dooley 1 (44)IMG_6006 IMG_6014 IMG_6030IMG_6064IMG_6072 IMG_6080 IMG_6119IMG_0569IMG_6288 IMG_5496 IMG_6238IMG_0408IMG_6223IMG_0648IMG_6155 IMG_6165 IMG_6178  IMG_0694IMG_6191IMG_6204IMG_6303 IMG_6562 IMG_6423 IMG_6430 IMG_6458 IMG_6480 IMG_6566 IMG_6581IMG_1133    IMG_6645IMG_6647IMG_1224IMG_6619IMG_1229IMG_6685 IMG_6688IMG_6715 IMG_6795 IMG_6859 IMG_6865