Ryan & Jordan | Clemson SC Engagement Photographer

Ryan and Jordan are Clemson University graduates.  They both graduated from the school of nursing!  We started their engagement session at Clemson’s Botanical Gardens and ended our session at the football stadium.  Check out the super cute images of them in their nursing scrubs at the end of this post!!!! =) Their adorable lab, Layla, joined us too!!!  My daughter Abbi loved it!!! =)  It was a hot evening, but these 2 were awesome.  The staff at Clemson were awesome too.  They were so kind to unlock the gates of the stadium for us. =)  Looking forward to Ryan and Jordan’s wedding in March!!! =)




IMG_9988IMG_0027aIMG_0075  IMG_0129IMG_0091


IMG_0167 IMG_0145 IMG_0204 IMG_0251 IMG_0367 IMG_0351 IMG_0347 IMG_0336 IMG_0305IMG_0408IMG_0453  IMG_0516Soon to be Jordan and Ryan Barham! =)

IMG_0461 IMG_0490IMG_0483IMG_0500IMG_0541

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