Sisters | Simpsonville SC Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

You may recognize this sweet family below.  I have photographed each of their sweet baby girls and was super excited to find out that their 3rd baby was a GIRL too!!!!  This was the first in-home session that we have done with them and it was so perfect. Our session started with rain and ended with some sunshine.  We had fun picking tomatoes and hanging out with the chickens.  =)  Abbi and I love this family and enjoyed out time together!

As I have said before in-home sessions are the best!!!!  I think of it as a mix of lifestyle and art!!!!  Enjoy!

IMG_3166IMG_3172 IMG_3187 IMG_3211 IMG_3260 IMG_3273 IMG_3401 IMG_3410IMG_3728 IMG_3450 IMG_3717 IMG_3746IMG_3738  IMG_3622IMG_3579 IMG_3623IMG_3604 IMG_3633IMG_3433 IMG_3636 IMG_3661 IMG_3669

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