The Motley Family | Greenville SC Family\Newborn Photographer

The morning of  July the 3rd I received the following email regarding a family/newborn session.

“I am 26 years old and was diagnosed with colon cancer at 17 weeks pregnant in April. I immediately had surgery at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio and have since recovered from surgery and started chemotherapy in May. My treatments will continue through the rest of the pregnancy and beyond, with another surgery post chemotherapy. Like I said – a whirlwind! I’m currently 29 weeks pregnant, due September 15th. I’m very interested in having you capture our sweet newborn time after our baby girl is born…….”

I read this email as I was going out the door to have lunch with my Mom and daughters.  So an hour later I was in downtown Greenville at one of my favorite shops and I look up and I see this young lady across from me that looked very similar to the picture I saw on Lindsey’s gmail profile.  I thought to myself if she comes around that clothing rack and has a cute belly on her I will know this is possibly her.  Well, she did have that cute belly and so I preceded to ask if she sent me an email earlier.  UNBELIEVABLE…what are the odds of that happening?!  We chatted a bit, I sent her details of my session, she booked a session and we had lunch together about a week later! I have so enjoyed getting to know Lindsey and Jay.  Jay is a wonderful, caring husband and Lindsey is one amazing woman. It has been an overwhelming experience for me to see God’s hand in her life over the past couple of months that I have known her.  And to see sweet Lilla safely here has been remarkable as well. As you can tell from the images below they are quite smitten with her. =)  I am so honored and overjoyed to have been able to capture part of their story.

Lindsey is actually a newborn photographer here in the Greenville SC area.  You can check out her gorgeous work here.  Lindsey Motley Photography

Please pray for Lindsey. If you would like to keep up with her story you can go here:

IMG_5444IMG_5453 IMG_5458IMG_5435IMG_5473IMG_5476 IMG_5491  IMG_5515 IMG_5535IMG_5510IMG_5555 IMG_5545 IMG_5552 IMG_5577 IMG_5605 IMG_5420IMG_5408 IMG_5418 IMG_5642

Check out Lilla’s amazing facial expressions! =)  Love!IMG_5738_1 IMG_5758

IMG_5793 IMG_5921 IMG_5951 IMG_5965 IMG_5901_1 IMG_5998 IMG_6036IMG_6202 IMG_6091 IMG_6105 IMG_6165

9 thoughts on “The Motley Family | Greenville SC Family\Newborn Photographer

  1. I am so thrilled to hear the good news of you and little Lilla….will keep you all in my heart and prayers. The pictures are beautiful. Lovely family…
    Congratulations to Grandma Ann as well.

    1. Even though I have never met Lindsey & Jay I feel that I have gotten to know them through their blog. I went to school and worked with Lindsey’s mother, Anne. I cried through these beautiful pictures of this amazing family! God is great!

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