Andrew + Laura | Greenville SC After Wedding Photographer

After this after-wedding session I am now promoting after wedding sessions. 😉  This session was so fun and relaxing for me as well as for the bride and groom.  Many weddings do not allow for a more relaxed time with just the bride and groom…..there is that unsaid pressure to hurry up and get back to your guests.   Andrew and Laura were married back in April.  They loved their wedding pictures, but wanted to do an after wedding session for some fun, relaxed photos of just the 2 of them.  It was actually their 5 month anniversary the evening we did this session. =)  Laura had so much fun putting back on her wedding gown!  It was gorgeous.  Andrew actually owns his tux so he did not have to rent one.  Many grooms opt to simply where a suit or a little more relaxed attire.  There are NO RULES for after sessions and I LOVE THIS!!!!

As we were walking downtown we found the word LOVE written on the concrete!!!!!  So appropriate!  We had to take a shot of it! =)  Andrew and Laura we had an absolute blast with you guys!  Enjoy some of your images below!!!! =)

IMG_1965 IMG_1968 IMG_1998 IMG_2019 IMG_2031IMG_2035 IMG_2054 IMG_2081 IMG_2120 IMG_2172 IMG_2188IMG_2236 IMG_2269 IMG_2338  IMG_2284 IMG_2402IMG_2411 (2) IMG_2428IMG_2445 IMG_2465 IMG_2488

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