Happy the Home Where God is There | The Kaiser Family | Woodruff SC Family Lifestyle Photographer

Our family met the Kaisers almost 2 years ago at a homeschool conference and there was an instant connection.  The following Sunday they visited our church and since then a sweet friendship has developed!  We love hanging out with the Kaisers!  They make their home fun and relaxing!!!  It is what I call….A Happy Home! 😉 We are so very thankful for this family.  Their love for God and desire to raise a God honoring family is an encouragement to many.  I recently read this quote from John Piper and thought of the Kaisers.
“The importance of family life in society and church can scarcely be exaggerated. O how crucial in the development of a child’s personhood is the life of his family. And not only little children—but also the lives of husbands and wives are made more or less fruitful by their experience at home. We want a happy home and a family with a purpose and a mission. And my message today is that the lordship of Jesus Christ is the only lasting foundation of such a home. Trusting Christ as Savior, surrendering to him as Lord, and orienting all of your family relations on him, transforms the home into a little heaven on earth. And even if some member of your family is not a believer, there is more grace and power for your love under the lordship of Jesus than anywhere else. He is precious as the foundation of the family….. When the Spirit reigns in your life, you do everything with a view to honoring Jesus. And in that way Jesus becomes the foundation and focus and goal of the family, and life at home is transformed.” – John Piper (Full Article here. Definitely worth the read….Jesus is Precious as the Foundation of your Home)

About 3 years ago the Kaisers moved from Florida to South Carolina to develop a sustainable, multi-generational farm called Kornerstone Farms.   Not only are they raising 7 children with #8 coming soon ;), but they are also raising chickens, goats, pigs, and bunnies.  They currently sell pastured chickens, sewn items from recycled & vintage fabrics, organic body products: goat milk soap, salves, and hard lotions. You can check out their blog to see their challenges, triumphs, joys and learning curves.  You can also be inspired as they share many creative ideas some of which are displayed in the images below.  As I walked through their home I felt as if I were in a Pinterest Store! ***Side note:  I so want those Ladies and Gents crates for boots and shoes!  Having 6 kids of my own I know how awesome these would be!!! Enjoy!!!

IMG_0824 IMG_0829 IMG_0832 IMG_0836 IMG_0839 IMG_0845 IMG_0847IMG_0943IMG_0983 IMG_0854IMG_0934 IMG_0953 IMG_0880 IMG_0901 IMG_0916IMG_0914 IMG_0923IMG_1006 IMG_1002IMG_1258  IMG_1089IMG_1082 IMG_1206IMG_1241 IMG_1345IMG_1217IMG_1357IMG_1263 IMG_1290 IMG_1145 IMG_1413 IMG_1440 IMG_1467 IMG_1487 (2)IMG_1517 IMG_1515 IMG_1500 IMG_1534 (2)IMG_1538 IMG_1571 IMG_1597 IMG_1560 IMG_1621 IMG_1623IMG_1878IMG_1706 IMG_1722 IMG_1733 IMG_1741IMG_1690IMG_1744 IMG_1758 IMG_1764IMG_1656

4 thoughts on “Happy the Home Where God is There | The Kaiser Family | Woodruff SC Family Lifestyle Photographer

  1. Oh how much we LOVE this family!!! Absolutely adore this collection of images — what a fantastic job you did Kelli! Chris — could you please come decorate my home! 🙂

  2. As Chris’ mom I have to say Kelli you captured the spirit of this precious family: smiles, smiles and more smiles. I can’t stop looking at the pictures ~ oh how I miss them so much!

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