Baby Ryder | Easley SC Newborn Photographer

It seems like just last week I was photographing Allie’s maternity session and now they have a beautiful baby boy!  Ryder came 7 weeks early.  It was so encouraging to see Allie walk by faith during this difficult transition.  Here is one of her facebook status a few days after Ryder arrived.

Going into labor at 33 weeks & having a baby in NICU were not my plans of course, but they were God’s! Thankful He has given me His eyes to see all the good in this situation. Just asking everyone to keep all of the precious babies that are in NICU in your prayers! Staying in here all day everyday has given me a new perspective on life! I so thank God for that!”

God is good all the time and gives us the strength to go through trying times.  Praise Jesus for this sweet miracle!!!

IMG_6567 IMG_6578IMG_6558 IMG_6583 IMG_6597 IMG_6625 IMG_6636 IMG_6641IMG_6844b IMG_6649 IMG_6732 IMG_6797IMG_6803 IMG_6830 IMG_6842 IMG_6675IMG_6723IMG_6773

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