Highlights from 2013!!!

What a year?!  It is comical to me how our goals and ideas for 2013 turned out completely different than I had ever imagined.  We were actually thinking about slowing things down a bit and taking on a lot less, well we actually took on more than the year before and enjoyed every second of it.  God blessed us with some many wonderful clients!  As I went through all of the images from 2013 I was blown away by all the new friendships that were formed.  I am so thankful for the time I was given with all of my clients/friends below.  Thank you for making 2013 so amazing!

BIG NEWS for 2014. We are now offering videography! =)  We are pretty excited about this!  Below is a video we put together of highlights from 2013! We are happy 2014 is here and are already booked several months this year.   Looking forward to seeing many of the faces below as well as new ones.  Happy New Year from Naisang Photography.

IMG_0013 (4) IMG_6299Dooley 1 (46a) (1)IMG_5444IMG_6105

IMG_24402 (1a) 5 IMG_2151 IMG_1050 IMG_7715 a IMG_9239IMG_3604 IMG_3661 IMG_6173 IMG_3549 IMG_4169 IMG_6285 IMG_6426 IMG_4813 miller web (26) miller web (22) IMG_3474 IMG_1491 IMG_2501 IMG_2545 IMG_2814 fb IMG_3863 IMG_9198 IMG_0129 collages (2a) (2) IMG_2161 IMG_5113 IMG_0401 IMG_0233 IMG_0934 IMG_1122IMG_2404 IMG_2535 IMG_1676IMG_4483-2 IMG_4303 IMG_2488 IMG_2465 IMG_2733IMG_2725 IMG_3062 IMG_3688 IMG_4723 (2) IMG_4930 IMG_5541 IMG_6022 (3) IMG_8315IMG_2812 IMG_9105 IMG_8974 IMG_9714 fb IMG_0248 IMG_0349IMG_0943 IMG_1467 8 fb IMG_2302 a IMG_2485 (2) IMG_2661 IMG_3965 Naisang Photography Wedding (34) Naisang Photography Wedding (40) IMG_6283 IMG_6206 IMG_6803 IMG_6732 IMG_7094 c IMG_7030

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