Brett + Sarah’s Wedding Day Highlights | Gassaway Mansion Greenville, SC

I typically do not post images when I second shoot a wedding!  That is actually one of the perks of second shooting……you shoot(at some fun, crazy angles), eat wonderful wedding food, hang out with awesome people,  shoot some more, and then hand your images over to the main photographer.  In this case I handed them over to Erin Drago!  Erin and I really, I mean REALLY, enjoy shooting together! 🙂  When she told  me about Sarah’s wedding plans I was pretty excited.   I love Sarah’s taste and her wedding was all I thought it would be…AMAZING!   After checking this post out be sure to hop on over to Erin Drago’s blog to see Sarah’s full wedding day story!   Also, my sweet husband was the videographer for this wedding!  Be sure to check out the highlight wedding video below.  Oh, and Sarah, the bride, is a photographer here in the Greenville area and you can check out her page here.

One last very important shout out to the awesome Marc and Colleen Wheeler for making Gassaway Mansions one of the coolest wedding venues ever!!!!  I know I have some brides still deciding on a wedding venue.  Be sure to check this out!

Okay, here are SOME of our favorite images from Brett & Sarah’s big day!

IMG_4211 IMG_4234 IMG_4244IMG_4295 IMG_4432 IMG_4485 IMG_4507IMG_4550 IMG_4560 IMG_4570 IMG_4585 IMG_4591IMG_4624 IMG_4625 IMG_4666 IMG_4673 IMG_4704 IMG_4714 IMG_4719 IMG_4730IMG_4761 IMG_4781 IMG_4798 IMG_4812 IMG_4835 IMG_4841 IMG_4848 IMG_4915 IMG_4956 IMG_4964 IMG_4981 IMG_5013 IMG_5027 IMG_5097 IMG_5130IMG_5326 IMG_5328 IMG_5373 IMG_5498 IMG_5527 IMG_5537 IMG_5562 IMG_5569

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