Jim + Kayla | Clemson SC Engagement Photographer

I love hearing engagement stories so I decided to share this sweet story from Jim and Kayla’s wedding website.   I had so much fun getting to know these 2 and cannot wait until their August wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“On December 23rd, 2013, Jim suggested that Kayla and he go to dinner. That sly, old fox had convinced Kayla that they should go to a burger place he had been wanting to eat at, but that she was a little indifferent about. She graciously agreed, but on the way, Jim said they needed to stop by her workplace at the coliseum on Clemson’s campus to pick up something her co-worker had brought for Jim and had intended to give to Kayla, but wasn’t able to. Jim was nervous the whole way there and was certain the ring box would show through his pants pocket and give the whole thing away. He tried to twist away from her in the car, but he was afraid that would only draw more attention.

As they got to the coliseum, Kayla saw through the door that lights appeared to be on in the main arena and music was playing. Curious, and also concerned for the facilities she was partially responsible for, Kayla approached the gateway and curtain that separated the arena from the surrounding concourse with Jim tagging along behind. She walked in to see spotlights dancing across the seats, and as she moved further in to investigate, the spotlights resolved into a red heart and the large view screen above the court came to life. Jim put his arm around Kayla as all the things he wanted to tell her played across the screen, and, when they were finished, Jim knelt down and asked Kayla if she would be his wife. Kayla said yes.  Then Jim stood up and they shared their first kiss.”

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