Abbi is 12

Abbi is 12 today!!!  She was our 1st baby girl after 3 boys!!!!  The house definitely turned pink when she came. 🙂  This morning, as we do on all of our kids birthdays, we sat down and each one of us said encouraging things we see in our Abbi.  I thought I would share some of these in this post.

Ado (4 yr. old brother) – ” Abbi gives me ice cream when she babysits me if I am quiet.  I like that!”

Esther (7 yr. old sister) – “Abbi helps me learn a lot and she does good cartwheels.”

Boaz (17 yr. old brother) – “Abbi loves to give good gifts and she likes to make others happy!”

Joshua (19 yr. old brother) – “She reminds me of me. haha! She enjoys doing things to make others happy.”

Micah (13 yr old brother) – “She always makes sure everyone is happy above herself.”

Dad – “She serves our family so well by helping us with the younger 2, helping mom on photo shoots, and keeping the home clean!  She really enjoys making others happy!

“Mom – ” When I think of Abbi I think of the verse, “do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others.” Phil. 2:4  She is like a 2nd mom to our family.  I am thankful for the way she so willingly goes to assist with photo sessions.  She helps with cooking and the kiddos too.  I am a blessed mom!!!!”
As you can see a consistent character trait in Abbi is her love for others and her desire for them to be HAPPY! 🙂  As I have said for many years now….I want to be more like Abbi as she is becoming more like Christ!  It is awesome to see this good fruit from her life and I pray the Holy Spirit will continue to do this good work in her.  Happy Birthday to my sweet Abbi Girl!!!!
*Below are 2 separate impromptu photo shoots we have done over the last 2 weeks.  One was on a rainy night around 8.  I believe we captured her fun loving personality!!!  We had such a fun time together!!! The other is while her cousin, Sydney, was in town!!! Such fun memories!!!!

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One thought on “Abbi is 12

  1. We all LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sweet Abbi!!!! Cannot believe how fast time is flying and you are already 12!! So very grateful for God’s plan in allowing us to be a part of your life darling girl. We are so blessed and grateful to know you and love you!!! ~Schaafs

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