Jesse + Rachel | Anderson SC Engagement Photographer

Back in early January Jesse and Rachel expressed their desire to have an in-home engagement session so they could document 3 of their favorite things to do together: cook, decorate and hang out.  At the time all they needed was a home and time to fully decorate it to their liking.  A few weeks after our conversation God blessed them with the cutest bungalow ever.  I so LOVE how they have decorated it too.
Last week we finally got to document this special time in their lives and it was by far one of the sweetest times I have had in photography!!!  They made fresh guacamole, sat on the floor to eat (as they like to do), had coffee, looked at decorating books, sat on the front steps, and took a stroll downtown.  We ended their engagement session with Jesse finding the neatest chair in a dumpster! I was so surprised!  Rachel looked at me and said, “This happens all the time.”  Ha!  I love it!  So happy they thought outside of the box for their engagement session and even happier I get to document their wedding in just a few weeks!!!!  Enjoy!

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